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Guitar Links - Roy Courtnall Summerfield's site - details of his guitar plans, books, guitar-making courses, Hiscox cases, and much more. - Brilliant website run by Californian guitar-repairer Frank Ford, giving all kinds of information about maintaining, repairing and living with guitars. Best of all is his on-line GUITAR MUSEUM, featuring photos of many of the historic and fascinating instruments he has come across over the years. DON'T MISS IT! - Guild of American Luthiers - what must be the most comprehensive collection of stringed-instrument-related links anywhere on the web. - all kinds of stuff for guitarists. - Guitar Internet - The Directory of Links, Information and Resources for the Guitar Player and Enthusiast. - excellent website with up-to-date details of guitar events, festivals and concerts all over the world, plus lots of valuable links and information. - guitar lessons, articles, reviews, discussions, tab and lots more. - guitar strings direct from the maker at wholesale prices. - spend a weekend in the Lake District relaxing, playing and learning.

Mandolin Links - Mandolin Cafe - all kinds of fascinating stuff here for mandolin players, makers and enthusiasts. - website by Simon Mayor, one of the UK's leading mandolin players. Lots of interesting mandolin stuff and useful links. - mandolin info with a strong emphasis on folk. - this is the place for up-to-date info about what's going on in the mandolin world. - practice tunes and music to download, playing advice, news and much else. There's even a section on making your own. - website of the British BMG Foundation.

Lute Links - The Early Music Shop - the UK's leading supplier of lutes and other early instruments - new, secondhand and build-it-yourself kits. Early music news, CD's, events, concerts, societies and a dedicated exhibition held in London every October. - The Lute Society. All kinds of interesting lute-related material. You can even download some lute music!

Miscellaneous Links - Right name, wrong instruments? Another Tony Dixon (from Bideford, Devon) makes beautiful flutes, whistles and bagpipes. - all kinds of folk-music-related stuff. Instruments, music, books, bands, what's on etc. - this is easily the most entertaining site on this links page. Lots of fun stuff for everybody and serious stuff for blues buffs. Well worth a visit even if you don't like blues. - Touchstone Tonewoods - supplier of guitar and violin-making woods, tools and accessories. - Musical Instrument Makers' Forum - interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair. - The Angelus Workshop - beautiful hand-painted icons and other sacred images. - Astrohosts - UK-based web hosting company. - Free website hit counters and other services.

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